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Monte's Marines

Monte's Marines - Stormy Glenn So that's the second book in the Dark Court Series. It follows right up the first book. As we learned Gunny, one of the human marines, was involved with the elve Roland 20 years ago. He actually fathered a son, Monte, which was captured together with Eljin (book #1) by the crazy science-army-organisation. Doc, another one of the our marines, is in love with the straight Rocky since years. After they saved Eljin and Rocky was injured, Doc confesses his feelings to Rocky. They share some special moments before Rocky completely ruins it and Doc leaves heartbroken to save Monte. He ends up captive in the same camp as Monte and actually was chosen to impregnate the elve. They fall in love but his love for Rocky is still in the back of Doc's head. Rocky helps them to escape, Doc gets injured and loses memory of Monte and ... in the end ... everything is alright in an all-men-menage-way.
This book catches up with the people we got to know in "Dark Side of the Veil". Doc gets his heartbroken exactly after he thinks all his dreams a coming true because Rocky finally acknowledges his attraction. Therefor it was surprising to me that he falls in love immediately afterwards with Monte. Their relationship is described lovely and I got completely into it. Then Rocky shows up again and everything is screwed. I think it was an overkill to let Doc forget Monte and that Monte is playing the mathyr by not mentioning their love affair and that he is pregnant with Doc's child. To much clich├ęs. Everything is saved by the author let them have a menage relationship which helped me forgiving the worse parts.