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Promises - Marie Sexton ARC courtesy of NetGalley.

Promises is one of the sweetest love stories I have ever read. In addition it's the story of a friendship between two amazingly lovely men.
When Matt moves to Coda, Colorado he immediately hits it off with Jared. Fro the beginning on Jared, who works in the family-owned hardware store, makes in clear to Matt that he is gay and interested. Matt however stats that he is straight and only interested in a friendship. And good friends they become. It's written so endearingly how they share their free time with mountain-biking, barbecues, dinners, sports. They become very close and Jared is unsure how he should read Matt, who sends out mixed signals.
When they share some tender moments, Jared is certain that Matt likes him more than a friend maybe even is in love with him. But Matt balks and runs out on Jared, who is devastated. When Jared entertains an old friend Matt realises that he is jealous. Should he do something about it?
I love this book. It's easy to read, entertaining and I want the main characters to be my best gay friends. This story is one of the best, what you would call, gay-for-you books out there. Matt is deep in the closet and isn't really aware of this either. In general he is a very lonely man. It's touching to read how he opens up to Jared and how they build up first friendship, and later love. Matt has to overcome some serious personal barriers. And the author manages to not slip into cliché scenarios. On the other hand it is not only Matt who has to change his way of thinking. Jared too, is stuck in some outdated ways of thinking of gay live in small american towns. I liked that both of them have to fight/do something to build a relationship. The sex scenes are written in very sensual way and they are hot, really hot!
If you want to read some great, sexy, romantic, GLBT love story, that's the book to go for! And even better it is the start of Coda series.