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The Many Sins of Lord Cameron

The Many Sins of Lord Cameron - Jennifer Ashley Finally!!! After waiting for seemingly endless months, this book was finally published. This is the third book in the Highland Pleasure series which tells the stories of the Mackenzie brothers. The main character in this books is Cameron, the second oldest MacKenzie brother. Cam already met Ainsley six years ago, when they almost had an affair. Now she is a widow and once again he finds her unexpectedly in his bedroom. She is sneaking around to find some love letters, written by the queen. They are used for blackmailan dit is Ainsley's mission to recover them safely. CAmeron offers his help and during their adventures these two come a lot closer.
I had so much fun reading this book. I couldn't put it down for even 5 minutes. Both main characters are portrayed in away that they become alive. I was especially fond of Cam. First he seems to be a very rough guy who isn't bother over much with anything except his horses and maybe his son. But the more you get to know him it becomes obvious that he is very sensitive and hurt inside. Like most men he doesn't want anyone to know his weaknesses. Jennifer Ashley is definitely not afraid to create quite unusual heroes. At least I have never read about abuse with a male victim in a historical romance. Not a nice topic but a refreshing way of recreating the genre. And the whole story was just lovely. In addition it was a bonus to meat the characters of the first two books (Ian/Beth and Mac/Isabella) gain and catch up with their live. Overall a great book/story which I read through in one go.