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Stranger in My Arms

Stranger in My Arms - Lisa Kleypas I found this book in my own library. I thought I read everything ever published by Lisa Kleypas but obviously I missed at least one book. I should really check if there are more unknown publications of her out there. Lisa Kleypas is one of my favorite authors. Normally I just inhale her books. Therefore I was quite happy to discover this novel.
The story is about the young Lara, which discovered her independence as a widow. As her marriage was not a happy one she is quite distressed when her husband Hunter suddenly arrives one year after his supposed death. First she isn't sure if the man is really her husband as he look and behaves slightly different. But he knows facts only her husband could know. They resume their married life but Lara doesn't trust him and don't want to share any intimacy. More and more Hunter proves to be a worthy human being and Lara falls in love with him. Just at this moment she gains evidence that her returned husband is indeed a stranger who took over the identity of Lord Hawksworth. Now it is up to her to decide if they should continue living a lie or if the false Hunter should be prosecuted.
The book is writing in a very descriptive style and easy to read. Though I like the story I was a bit annoyed with the heroine, her motives and her occasionally almost childish behavior. This is one of the early books of this author and I think she evolved since then. All Lisa Kleypas books I read before are characterised by the clever dialogues which I did miss here. It's a nice and lovely romance but nothing more.