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Seven Tips to Make the Most of the Camino de Santiago

Seven Tips to Make the Most of the Camino de Santiago - Cheri Powell I won a copy of this book from GoodReads giveaways back in March. Shame on me for posting my review now but... As usual there are the obvious reasons it wasn't done earlier but honestly...I didn't read the email completely and wasn't aware that I should (if possible) do a review of the book :)

First of all I was interested in this giveaway because I have been on the Camino de Santiago myself. Not as a pilgrim but as a tourist. I was mainly interested in the ancient churches and cloisters which border this mediaval pilgrim path. But of course you meet and see all the real pilgrims and I got interested in the idea if doing the pilgrimage myself.
This book offers solid help in organising your trip. I enjoyed the writing style which isn't so dry like in a lot of advice books. The structure of the book is well thought through and I appreciated that the author gave an introduction to the history of the Camino de Santiago. Overall a very useful book which I will hopefully may use for my own trip.