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Exclusively Yours

Exclusively Yours - Shannon Stacey What an easy, entertaining and funny book. This is the first book I ever read by Shannon Stacy and it won’t be the last. I was devouring this book in one go.
With Keri and Joe Shannon Stacey creates two very loveable, interesting and adorable characters. They aren’t perfect people, they enjoy pranks and jokes, aren’t immune to vanity or jealousy. But deep down they are good people. And that’s what makes reading this book so much fun.
Joe never really got over Keri who left him after high school to go of to Berkley. Though they were both deeply in love they had different aims in live. They haven’t met in 18 years and now Keri is forced to get an interview with now famous author Joe. I was already sold on this book when I read this premise. What possibilities! Then Joe more or less forces Keri to go with him and his whole family for a 10 day camping trip. That’s where the whole fun starts.
It’s not only about Joe and Keri, it’s also about the whole Kowalski family, a very intriguing and chaotic bunch of people. I loved that these supporting characters are drawn so detailed. They get they own side stories and have real characteristics. They are part of the reason why reading this book is so amusing. And then there is this amazing chemistry between the two main characters. It’s hot, it’s sizzling and it’s soooo endearing. I was definitely voting for them to be together. One of the sweetest couples ever. And don’t get me wrong it’s not all about love, there are also some interesting nightly episodes…
In addition I liked the writing style. It’s easily flowing with amusing dialogues. I can’t put my finger on it but it was effortlessly normal and at the same time perfect to read.
All together this is a perfect contemporary romance story. It’s like an adult version of Anna and the French Kiss with a slightly different scenario. I honestly can’t find any faulty things. I actually read the book already twice before writing this review. So do believe me you will love this book and these characters, too. Luckily there are two more Kowalski books out, so that we won’t get any withdrawal symptoms.