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Dark Passage (Dark Mirror, #2) - Mary Jo Putney Ah, finally, the second book in M.J. Putney’s young adult series was published. Since reading Dark Mirror I was eagerly awaiting this book. I’m an avid reader of this authors historical romances since at least 10 years and I also love her first young adult books. I especially like that she stays true to herself and is still writing historical fiction with paranormal elements. Just for a younger audience.
Already in the first book I became a big fan of Tory, the sixteen year old heroine, which was forced to attend Lackland Abbey school because she openly used magic. This isn’t punishable itself but magic abilities are frowned upon the gentry at that time. That’s why she has to attend this school; to get healed of her magic. But instead she makes new friends, expands her abilities and accidentally starts time travelling. And she falls in love with a very interesting young man who is likewise enchanted by her.
In this book the story goes on and so does the romance between Tory and Allarde. It’s very sweet and I love how these two get to know each other better. The small gestures with big meanings. And they are learning more about their magic, which is quite fascinating.
And then they are on a new mission back during the Second World War (Can you say back, if you actually travel into the future, which is in the past for us? Very confusing.) I love this whole mission/suspense part. It’s very fascinating and written very well. There a so many little details. Plenty of twists made the plot quite unpredictable for me. I also like how the characters are developing and growing up. And of course I love that this book is set in two historical periods; the early 1800s and the 1940s.
Overall a very entertaining historical young adult story which is full of both a romance and a suspense. And now I have to wait patiently (or not) for the 3rd book, Dark Destiny, to be published next year.