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My Soul to Take (Soul Screamers, #1) - Rachel Vincent Honestly, I have to admit that reading a book about a girl who screams didn’t sound very appealing to me. I love Rachel Vincent’s Shifter series and already read her new book, Blood Bound (This is no product replacement, I just adore her books!). And my love of these books convinced me to finally start the Soul Screamer Series. But my expectations were low. I should have know better! I got sucked into this book from the beginning on and have since then read the following 4 books.

I love how Rachel Vincent picks classical mythological or paranormal elements and creates her own very unique urban fantasy worlds. I can faintly remember having heard of Banshees in Irish mythology but that’s it. I would have never guess that these fairy women would make great material for a book. Obviously my imagination is a bit to limited. I love how she creates female and male bean sidhes, which complement each other. And then the addition of reapers, especially a cool teenager reaper.

I like all the main characters. Kaylee is a almost normal teenager with teenage problems; e.g. boys, best friends who drink to much, annoying cousins. When she is confronted with her own screaming and the suspicious death of 3 teenagers she isn’t immediately thinking of something paranormal. She is very courageous, loyal, vulnerable and open-minded. Her best friend Emma is a funny, easy-going and bright character. I love how loyal these two are to each other. And then there is of course Nash. The gorgeous, tall and popular jock who is suddenly so interested in Kaylee. This of course has a reason, nothing bad I promise. I like how Nash takes care of Kaylee. He is protective and supportive.

The story is absorbing. The mystery of the death girls and Kaylee’s screaming is well written and the plot comes up with quite a few twists. More and more interesting facts were revealed and I was glued to the book. I so wanted to know what will happen next, will everyone survive? I try to come up with something I didn’t like about the book, but I can’t. I really, really like it!