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Changing The Game (Play By Play, #2)

Changing The Game (Play By Play, #2) - Jaci Burton This is the story of Gavin Riley. A baseball major league player and younger brother of Mick, the main character of the first book "The Perfect Play". At the end of the before mentioned book Gavin was unexpectedly kissed by his sport agent, Liz Darnell. This was major surprise for him as Liz, though quite sexy, always behaved in an asexual way around him and ranges in the category of an honorary sister. But this is about to change when Gavin realises his (first mainly bodily) interest in Liz. They start an off-season fling which supposedly is just for fun, no strings attached. But time is passing by and Gavin becomes more and more attached to Liz (now also to her brain), who is hiding her heart quite well. They have to figure out on the hard way if they are meant to be lovers or friends.

This book follows the events in the first book which I read a few months ago. The characters are therefore already familiear though Gavin was more of a supporting character. Liz however was the evil business woman who almost ruined Mick's and Tara's love story. I have to admit after reading the first book I wasn't very fond of Liz and wasn't even sure if I would enjoy her being the main heroine. I should have known better. The more you know about Liz, the more human she becomes. And though Gavin is a gentle but very sexy hero, I was mainly taken by Liz. I liked her, a lot. Her humor, integrity, sensitivity, the overall package. And the development of her character was described in a way that I couldn't put the book down, I so wanted to know what is coming next. In addition I enjoyed meeting the whole Riley clan again. A wonderful second book in this series, which outstrips the first book.