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Forbidden - Tabitha Suzuma I didn’t know about this book until I won it during the Back to the Books Giveaway Hop from Musings of a Happy Reader. I was immediately fascinated by the topic. There aren’t many book about incest between siblings published. It’s a very difficult topics which tears at the boundaries of our society. And was very curious how the author would deal with this.
First of all I have to say, this is one of the best books I read this year. Not that I enjoy the suffering of others but this story is sad, romantic, melancholy, hopeful, heart-breaking, depressing and wonderful at the same time. Tabitha Suzuma created this fascinating characters Maya and Lochlan, and she makes you love them as well.
This story is not a happy one. Already the situation these kids are growing up in is depressing. Lochan and Maya are raising their 3 younger siblings on their own, while going to school, begging for money from their terrible mother and hiding the whole situation from the authorities. And both of them are very bright kids as well, I felt very sorry for them. In addition Lochan as severe social shortcomings. He doesn’t interact with anyone except his family, they are his whole life. This, his 18th birthday and the scholarship to university and the possibility to earn money, keeps him going. Though Maya is more outgoing she can’t open up to anyone about her family situation which makes it difficult to maintain normal friendships. Obviously Maya and Lochan have to rely on each other. They become closer and closer and the begin to sea each other in non-sibling, more romantic way.
I know you shouldn’t have romantic feelings for siblings, but I couldn’t condemn these two kids. The story was written so intensely and I felt so strongly for the two, that the normal society boundaries suddenly didn’t matter anymore. I just wanted them to be happy for once. And this book isn’t about what wrong or right anyway. There were so many wrongs, that this final one actually felt right.
But of course can there really be an happy end? I was wondering while reading. And already before I read the last part I dreaded what would be coming. I wasn’t prepared at all. And I was sad and devastated. What a brilliant novel about a very sensitive topic. And personally I’m very glad that this book was written. There are things which nobody want’s to speak about, but this doesn’t mean there aren’t happening. I think we have to explore our boundaries to become more sure about our values.