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Fifty Shades Freed  - E.L. James I love and hate this book at the same time. It’s the final instalment of the absorbing, intense and beautiful love story between Ana and Christian (Fifty) and E.L. James didn’t let her readers down. This book is as amazing when not even more than the two before. But, as I mentioned, it’s the last in the Fifty Shades series and I don’t want to say good-bye, yet. Both, Christian and Ana are fascinating and loveable characters and the chemistry between the two is so sizzling, I want more of them.

When you think that the life of Fifty and his beloved Ana will be boring, now that they are married, you couldn’t be more wrong. Christian’s past is still hunting the young couple and there is more danger coming up from a still unknown enemy. And though there are still serious issues to work through for both lovers, it wasn’t as emotionally draining as Fifty Shades Darker, after which I felt emotionally bare and exhausted. Fifty Shades Freed still gets all the emotions (and the more than exciting sex) but you can feel the light at the end of the tunnel. The joy of beginning a better future together. Of course that doesn’t mean that there is no trouble at all. Especially Christian still has to deal with his uber-possessive and controlling nature, which Ana drives routinely up the walls.

I loved how Christian would open up more and more throughout the book, and not only towards Ana but also to his family. These interactions are bittersweet and heart-warming. In general there was more of Christian’s family around and this added nicely to the overall story development. Of course there were several setbacks. But for once Ana wouldn’t take it. She stood up for herself; she fought for her own ideals of a future. I really liked this new Ana. And of course her inner goddess was back as well. Not everybody is a fan of this mischievous and funny creature but I love her. She makes me giggle.

The ending was perfect for me. Pretty much all loose threads are tied up. I love it when there is closure to a series. I’m just sad that’s it over now. But I’m hopeful that E.L. James will come up with something new soon.

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