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Hallowed Bond (Chronicles of Ylandre #2)

Hallowed Bond (Chronicles of Ylandre #2) - Eressë I read Eresse's "Sacred Fate". I loved it. I had to read the second book in the series. This story starts long before the the first book. It's about the unknown half-brother of Rohyr, Dylen which is working as "callgirl", if you can say so in a fantasy world. He saves the young true-blood Riodan from freezing to dead. They become friends and soon lovers. Their different positions in society drives than apart and when when Dylen has to rely on Rio, Riodan fails massively. Even more he behaves terrible towards Dylen and almost causes the death of Dylan's father. Only because Dylen acciedentially meets his brother Rohyr, who acknowledges him and sends his personal medicus, Dylen's father is saved. Years later Rio comes back and realises that Dylen is now even higher then himself in the ranks of society. How will they find their way together?
I loved diving back into the world of Ylandre which was a lot more familiar now. But though I like Dylen's character I didn't like the relationship with Rio. Rio seems too opportunistic and week-minded. I was actually upset with Dylen for forgiving him and still being in love with Rio. Nevertheless already because of the fantastic world this book gets 4 out of 5 stars.