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My Soul to Save

My Soul to Save - Rachel Vincent After reading the first book in the Soul Screamer series, My Soul to Take, I immediately went on to My Soul to Save. I like Kaylee, the narrator of the book, a lot. She is a brave, independent, self-conscious and endearing 16-year old girl, who just learnt that she is also a bean sidhe. When someone is about to die she is screaming and can hold on to the the soul of the dead person s long as she screams. I know this doesn’t sound very appealing but believe me it is indeed quite fascinating paranormal material.

This time Kaylee and her new boyfriend Nash, also a bean sidhe, are stumble into new trouble as they experience the death of a teenage popstar on-stage. Astonishingly though Kaylee didn’t had the urge to sing for her soul because it transpires that this girl didn’t have a soul anymore as she literally sold it to the underworld in exchange for fame and success. As it turns out Addie, a former girlfriend of Tod, Nash’s undead Reaper brother, did the same and now Tod convinces Kaylee and to a lesser extent Nash to help him retrieve her soul. So much for the story line. It was entertaining, the pace wasn’t fast but smooth and I liked the plot.

In this book we get to know Tod a lot more. And honestly he wasn’t overly likeable. He is moody, comes across unfriendly and egoistic and is sometimes quite annoying. On the other hand he has very noble intentions in saving his former girlfriend. We’ll see how or if he develops further in the following books. As Kaylee had to deal with a absent father before she now has an overly protective father, who tries making up for the lost years by making up rules for everything and slowly suffocates Kaylee by doing so. Nash and Kaylee got together in book number 1 and everything was exciting and fresh and they had to save lives. Now they are working on their relationship. They get to know each other better, and they try these especially in a bodily way. Unfortunately they are all the time disturb doing so. This was funny in the beginning but grew a bit old through the book. I’m still a big fan of them being together, it seems so right.

Overall I enjoyed reading this book. I liked meeting the characters again. The plot was well done and once more a few interesting twist were intertwined. So not predictable which I always appreciate. I like how Nash and Kaylee interacted as team and how Kaylee gets more and more used to her abilities.