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The Elite

The Elite - 'Kiera Cass' I was very much looking forward to the 2nd installation of the Selection series as I enjoyed reading the first book with its fiery heroine and adorable prince.

Unfortunately I couldn't enjoy The Elite as much. This is mainly due to America behaving irrationally, which annoyed me. She is caught between two boys (men?) and can't make up her mind. And instead of dealing with this problem she ignores it! She is like a yo-yo, one day it's Maxon and the other day Aspen. Whenever one of them does something she doesn't like she goes with the other one. So mature!
Also she is astonishingly good in avoiding to speak about relevant things with her beaus. She just came over extremely superficially in coloring everybody either black or white. No grey shades for America.

Otherwise the book is once again an easy read. The flow is steady and action-wise more is happening as well. The author hides some interesting shockers which will keep you on your toes.

Hopefully America will grow in the next book and will be a worth girlfriend!