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A Beautiful Dark

A Beautiful Dark - Jocelyn Davies I fell in love with cover first. So intriguing!
And I'm definitely shallow enough to start reading a book because of this and the summary, who doesn't give away a lot. Love Triangle? Strange Events? Sounds paranormal!
I got drawn into the story really fast. You get to know Skye and her best friends, which are a great bunch of kids. I love them all. They do add a lot to the overall story. They bicker, tease, play, hang around, do all things high school kids do and most importantly they care about Skye.
Skye is an interesting main character. She is very independent, college-orientated, if it wouldn't be for her skiing, almost bookish girl.
Big entrance the boys: Asher and Devin. Though they are supposedly cousins they are not alike at all. And they don't like each other either. Both of them get in contact with Skye soon after they started school and Sky is intrigued by both of them. In the beginning I wasn't really sure what to think of the guys. Asher is fun, easy-going and teasing. But occasionally he also seems to be oblivious and self-centered. I liked him though, a lot actually. Devlin on the other hand is very cool, contained and socially awkward. He didn't have the same appeal as Asher to me.
Together they both annoyed me because they were so secretive towards Skye. Obviously something is going on, these guys are showing up, weird happenings accumulate and Skye is feeling strange since a while. So I was peeved that Skye and the readers had to guess so long until the guys finally opened up. And of course I had some suspicions where this story is leading but the tension only lasts so long. Ok, the other thing which annoyed me was the love triangle. Maybe I'm fed up with the whole one girl torn between 2 guys (in this case actually even three). I know it's kind of essential and seminal for the story line but it didn't add up for me.
And a few words about the ending. OMG! What a cliffhanger. Actually the whole last chapters. Full of surprises, tension and feelings. Really well done. But this cliffhanger, I'm still shocked and eager to know what's happening next!
Overall an amazing debut novel and I'm sure will pick up the sequel :)

ARC courtesy of NetGalley!