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Master of the Mountain

Master of the Mountain - Cherise Sinclair This story is about Rebecca, a workaholic whose boyfriend Matt convinced/blackmailed her to join him on a swinger weekend. At the same time he hinted that this would be her last chance to show him that she is not frigid. During the first day Rebecca realises that she can't just sleep with someone else and she doesn't want to see Matt screwing the other women either. His shows little sympathy and if she doesn't want to join in bed she has to find herself a new room. As everything is booked out she ends up in the cabin owners, Logans, bed. And for the first time in her life has great sex, and even kinky great sex. As it turns out Rebecca is a submissive and Logan as a well trained Dom shows her the world of light BDSM. After some struggles they end up together.

I enjoyed reading this book. Rebecca is not the typical heroine. One the one hand she is a successful business woman on the other hand she is shy and has a terrible picture of herself. She is convinced that she is too fat and that the scars she got from a dog attack are disgusting. Her boyfriend Matt is not supportive in any way and seems to be quite self-concerned. Overall I had no sympathies for him, especially after he told Rebecca that she should reconsider eating more because of her shape. I like that Rebecca was immediately drawn to Logan and the chemistry between these two could have set my book on fire. Logan is a damaged dom who is fighting terrible nightmares from his time in the war. Because he already hurt his brother he doesn't want to get to close with anyone. But he is still massively attracted to Rebecca. These yearnings are written in a lovely way. Rebecca becomes more self-confident in the story as she realises that she is strong and may be beautiful. Logan needs some time to come around but in the end they stand by their love.
And as a short side-note. I absolutely adore the cover. Great Work!