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Blood Magic

Blood Magic  - Tessa Gratton This book was on my to-be-read list for a few weeks and last night I was in the right mood for it. Blood magic is about 17 year old Silla, whose parents were killed recently. She lost 20 pound, chopped of her hair and is changing around the old cemetery very often. It's also the place the new-boy-in-town Nick witnesses Silla's first try on blood magic. And he starts to remember what his completely mad mother used to do when he was still very small. Soon these two embark together with Silla's brother Reese on a dangerous journey to learn more about blood magic and the death of Silla's parents. In addition Silla's a very strong attraction develops between Silla and Nick. This growing love will help them in their fight against an evil and powerful ancient blood witch.

Ok, I started the book and wanted to read a few pages before bed. Didn't happen. I read the whole book through. I was immediately drawn into the story. Fragile Silla who despite her losses is still strong and Nick, the boy, who doesn't want to be here, make an adorable couple. I liked the blood magic idea. Nothing I came across before. The story fast fast-paced and entertaining. The supporting characters were well developed and complemented the main story line. And though the story is about blood (and to get it you obviously have to cut yourself) it wasn't nasty.
The story is written in the perspective of Silla and Nick, which helps understanding them and the growing attraction between them. The dialogues a quite entertaining. The story line is very well thought trough and not predictable at all (at least for me). And then there were the diary notes which show up every other chapter and give us a glimpse of the background of blood magic.
Overall a very good book. And I appreciated that there was only a slight cliffhanger and the end. I enjoyed this novel very much and hope that the second book in this series will be published soon.