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The Desire for Dearborne

The Desire for Dearborne - V.B. Kildaire I'm a big fan of gay romance books. And I love historical romances. This book combines these two categories and I was eager to read it.
Leander is a young american who comes into succesion of an english Earldom. He is very young, innocent and insecure. With no friends and a bad health he is not prepared for english high society. He is interested in Julien Sutcliffe, who is well known for his interest in men. They fall in love and everything seems to be fine, when Leander is abducted and his lost older brothers suddenly arrive in London. They are suspicious of Julien who tries to find Leander on his own.
This book was a very nice gay historical romance. Both main characters a very likeble. Leander seems to be the naive young one who falls in love with the older rich aristocrat, who thinks he has seen it all. I enjoyed their bantering. The theme of abduction and Juliens desperate search for Leander added an intersting storyline which ends happily.