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The Girl For Me

The Girl For Me - Failte This is an online publication on fictionpress and a really sweet love story between two high school students. The unusual element is that both are guys and one of them dresses occasionally as a girl. It's about Kevin, a junior who plays football and is terribly bad in school and even thinks of himself as stupid and Danny/Dani, is a clever junior who just moved into town. They have met each other in the football team. During a party Kevin sees this hot and beautiful girl which turned out to be Dani. He is shocked because for him homosexuals and cross-dressers are "unnatural". He is blackmailing Danny to give him private lessons and over time they become friends and then even more as Kevin realises that he likes Danny/Dani more than in a platonic way. He struggles with him being homosexual but in the end even comes out in front of the whole school. Danny/Dani has to come to terms with the fact that he/she is not really gay but rather transgender, a girl in a boys body.
I like the style and writing of this story. There are not than many gay/transgender love stories published or written. And when you find one it's most of the time porn. Therefor it was great reading about this high school students gay/transgender romance. The characters a well described and I liked them a lot. The story involves some struggles and becomes more real this way. I liked that nothing is just black or white, there is a range of grey as well. For example Danny/Dani first thinks he/she is gay and just likes to cross-dress. Only after some sexual experiences he/she comprehends that she maybe transgender. It's a process where the main characters have to deal with their sexuality, the expectations of their people and friends. They do make mistakes.
Their families are not role model families. Though I appreciated that Danny's family is very accepting. Overall a great book, worth being published as real paper book.