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Blood Rights

Blood Rights  - Kristen Painter ARC courtesy of NetGalley.

Blood Rights is a urban fantasy tale set in the future where some humans are bread and raised to be blood donors for a vampire nobility. Chrysabelle is one of these special humans and she is hunted by mighty vampires for a crime she didn't commit. She tries submerging in human society which is clueless of the coexisting paranormal world. Though her aunt gives her shelter Chrysabelle becomes soon involved with Malkolm, an anathema vampire. Together with his ghost, Fi and the handicapped shifter Doc they have to save her aunt, which was taken hostage by the evil vamp Tatiana. It becomes obvious that there is more at stake than her aunts life. They have to fight to keep the supernatural world hidden or all mortals are in danger.
I loved the whole setting. There is tradition but at the same time futuristic technology. Vampires, shapeshifter, fae, fallen Angels, demons and the special human comarre race. Very intriguing. In the beginning I had to get into this new world and sometimes things weren't easily accesible. But the more I read the more I got drawn into this world. Classical vampire tales newly interpreted in a very striking and exciting way.
Chrysabelle seems to be a fragile but determined young woman. But you shouldn't believe everything you see. There are a lot of hidden layers when it come to this captivatingly beautiful heroine. The outcast noble vampire Malkolm doesn't seem to be very noble. Literally haunted by his own sins he can't be classified as good or bad. There is a lot of hot chemistry between these two main characters which make the pages almost sizzle. And the plot is entertaining, unpredictable and enthralling, packed with sudden surprises. And though this book is the start of a new trilogy it is kind of completed in itself, which I appreciated. Nothing worse then being on the hook for too long.