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Rarer Than Rubies

Rarer Than Rubies - E.M. Lynley I got this book for review from NetGalley.

The gay-erotica author Trent was sent by his friends to Bangkok. They think he needs some adventures. And indeed he directly stumbles into trouble when arriving at the Bangkok airport. Mistaken by the security for a messenger they slip a priceless map into his luggage. Reed Acton wants/needs this map and as Trent has it, Reed is onto Trent. Trent is quite suspicious. Why should such a good looking guy like Reed be interested in him? And why is there always something odd happening when Reed is around? Trent leaves Bangkok to get away from Reed who follows him. Hurt and lost in the middle of nowhere Trent has to rely on and trust Reed to keep him save. And Reed...has a mission and Trent isn't really part of it. What is more important: his heart or the mission?
These two main characters are for sure sexy. The clumsy, tall and gym-trained author and the cocky, muscle-packed and elegant agent. The sparks are flying from the beginning. Though Reed seems to be an arrogant, too sure of himself asshole. I liked Trent, who is a bit lost in Bangkok but makes the most of it. He acts a bit irrational by fleeing the city and going to wilderness. The dialogues between the two lovers are funny and entertaining. And I enjoyed how Reeds character developed. Overall an amusing read.