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Golden - Joely Sue Burkhart Golden is novella long story which picked my interest on NetGalley. This story was a bit confusing in the beginning, as non of the characters is introduced. So you have to figure out who is who and in which relations to each other they are. Otherwise I got drawn into the book immediately. It is written slightly mysterious and you know that you don't know everything yet. The more you read the more clear motivations become but there are still plenty of surprises. The main character Jin is unfulfilled in the beginning. Her whole life she learned everything to please the Emperor who gave her instead to his son. But the crown prince doesn't know what to do with her. Jin's innermost desire is to serve the Emperor, even if he isn't willing yet to let her.
I liked the story flow and the steady development of the characters. Jin's fears and desires are portrayed accurately and the erotic scenes are written carefully. An enjoyable read.