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Touch of Frost

Touch of Frost  - Jennifer Estep This book was a huge surprise to me. I liked the abstract and was expecting an enjoyable read and I wasn't disappointed. This is a really funny, entertaining and thrilling story.
I loved pretty much everything about this book. Originally I was sceptical about the whole magic school theme. There are many new publications with magic schools out there and I wasn't sure how often you can successfully recreate this topic. In this case the author did a fantastic job. With the Mythos academy Jennifer Estep creates this more modern, posh "Hogwarts" with a lot of cool, rich kids. At the same time she incorporates greek, nordic, roman mythology (actually all kinds of mythology) and a wide range of paranormal creatures.
Gwen alias the gypsy girl is an adorable main character. She is feisty, ironic, sensitive, sceptical and a bit of a loner. She seemingly doesn't fit in this school where everyone is privileged, arrogant and incarnates some mystical fighter. But the more you read the more it becomes obvious to you and Gwen that not everything and everybody is what it/they seem to be. As she joined the school one year later than all the other students she seems to miss out on things. When the queen bee Jasmine is killed, Gwen can't understand why everyone isn't shocked. Life goes on almost unimpaired. This doesn't seem right to Gwen. She is determined to solve Jasmines murder with her ability to see/feel feelings connected to items touched by someone else. Soon enough she run into troubles.
In the beginning Gwen is such a lone wolf, once because she came in later and secondly because she doesn't want to be close to people. How the latter attitude is changing during her adventures is described amusingly. The supporting characters are all likeable in their own way. It's enjoyable to read how they all become closer. And then there is Logan, a spartan, who appears in the oddest places and helps Gwen several time. He is hot and the dialogues between these two are awfully amusing and made me giggle a few times. In the end the case is closed quite neatly. Overall a well written, fast paced book. And I can't wait to get my hands on the second book, Kiss of Frost, which will be published in November.