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Seers - Heather Frost I picked this book up on NetGalley as the blurb seems to my really interesting. Auras, guardians and demons? Sounds like fun to me.
I absolutely loved the prologue. I can't give away so much but it's in the past and it's not immediately connected to the beginning of the story. But it is very fascinating and I wish there would be more.
Kate, the main character, had to go back to school, the new year starting. Her parents were killed a few weeks ago and since then she can see colors, auras, around people. By now she figured out that they represent the others feelings/mood. On the first day of school she sees one and meets another person who doesn't have a colored aura. She is scared and worried. As it turns out she is the only one who can actually see these people, which is really relieving either. That's the beginning of the book. I was very much into the story. The pace was not to slow and more and more interesting facts were revealed.
The book is written from Kate's point of view. You can read about her fears and depressions, which helped understanding her a lot.
Unfortunately after maybe a third of the book the pace is slowing down. The plot becomes a bit weird and I was less and less concerned about the people. On the other hand the end was written very well. There are some (at least for me) unexpected twists and I really appreciated that there is closure to the story. Though this books is obviously the start of a series, it doesn't end with a cliffhanger. That's a bonus for sure.
I can't say a lot about the male main character, Patrick, as almost everything would give away parts of the story. But he is a great boy. He is caring, good-looking, a bit fuzzy and a bit insecure occasionally. And I'm actually eager to know more about him as we don't get to know a lot of things about him.
As Kate does have a boyfriend, the arrival of Patrick results in a love triangle. This gives some tension to the story. And as both guys are great it's difficult to pick a team.
Overall I did enjoy this book. The paranormal idea is fetching and the characters are very likable. The authors is still quite young (I think 21?). so I'm sure she will grow into writing and the next book will be better.

ARC courtesy of NetGalley