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Bleeding Hearts

Bleeding Hearts - Alyxandra Harvey Yeah, another Drake family adventure. This series is one of my favourites. I just love this family; strong kick-butt mother, intelligent father and very individual but exciting sons and one special daughter. And my absolute favourite: Lucy, the human girlfriend of the youngest son, Nicholas. She is hilarious, strong-minded, loyal, brave and sometime a bit too adventurous.
And Lucy didn't disappoint. She is as quirky as usual and she is working on her kick-ass features. I like the interactions between her and Nicholas. They are very romantic, even though there are only few and they are short as well (at least to me). I just want them to be happy and together. I very much like Nichols protective attitude towards Lucy.
Lucy's cousin Christabel is a big city girl who had to fight for herself since a long time and can take herself. She loves books, which is an adorable quality. Yeah! And she feels very much-misplaced In Violet Hill, where nothing interesting could be happening. I felt sorry for Christabel, as she is clearly intelligent enough to realize that something is off and that Lucy may be involved, but at the same time she is the odd one out. When she finally gets in contact with the big secret, it happens with a bang. She is thrown into the whole Hel-Bar against vampire conflict and doesn't even know what is happening.
This book it's time for Connor, the calm twin, to show everyone that he is more than a computer nerd. I liked how the reader gets to know Connor better. He was in the background in the 3 books before and now he out in the light. He is facing some interesting and enthralling adventures with Christabel. I enjoyed the plot very much. There is news about the Hel-Bar and the future once again is changing.
Meanwhile Lucy and Solange are facing troubles as well. How could it be any other way with Lucy? Through for once it's Solange who actually is the trouble. I have to admit that through the whole book I was kind of angry with Solange. Her behaviour and attitude is annoying and immature. I loved how Lucy is trying to put her back in the right place. She is just so loyal and doesn't accept crap even from best friend.
Overall this was a fast-paced, highly fascinating paranormal adventure with familiar old and exciting new characters. The plot is well thought through. I like how the author combines several side stories with the overall plot and it's not overwhelming but just right. Christabel is good addition to the Drake/Lucy family. And the end came as a massive surprise to me. Actually there were two things shocking about the ending, but you have to read it yourself! (I only admit that I felt a bit sorry for Lucy in the end.) Can't wait to read the 5th book, which is already written but doesn't have a date set yet (check here).

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