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Dark Frost

Dark Frost - Jennifer Estep It's time for another Mythos Academy adventure!
Pure excitement, that was my feeling when I got my hands on my ARC of Dark Frost. Yes, I know that I seemed to start all my Mythos Academy reviews with an expression of my super-excitement, but that's just what I feel. I love reading more about Gwen. She is one of my favourite YA heroines with her snarky wit and general indestructibility. And let's not forget her ├╝ber-gorgeous love interest, the Spartan Logan.

Things were looking better for Gwen at the end of the book #2, Kiss of Frost, both for her being more accepted and making new friends at the posh boarding school Mythos Academy and for her being together with the attractive and protective fighter Logan. Therefore I was a slightly disappointed when it wouldn't play out as smoothly as I expected. Logan, once again, is fighting with his inner demons and his unwillingness to share them with Gwen. I can understand his problem not to want Gwen to know everything he is feeling, especially because this is unavoidable with Gwen's special touching ability. He obviously cares deeply for Gwen but at some point in the book I just wanted to kick his butt and tell him: Man up and get her!

Some people criticised that the book #2 was a bit slow, especially action-wise. That's, for sure, no problem in Dark Frost. Already in the first chapter the main characters have to fight seriously against plenty of reapers. And this will go on throughout the book. None of the Mystic Academy books has featured that many battles and fights before and I absolutely loved it. The tension was high, desperate measures had to be taken and consequently I was glued to the pages. Gwen, Logan and their friends have to prove themselves in life-threatening situations, which will challenge not only their fighting skills but also their state of mind. Therefore this book was also more emotional than the once before as everybody is so on edge all the time.

Overall reading this book was addictive. I had a great time catching up with the gypsy girl and all her friends and co-fighters. The "dark side", the reapers, become even more of a threat and the reader gain more inside into their motivation. Gwen has to deal with new facts about her mother's death and she has to come to terms with her role as Nike's champion. And let's not forget Logan. He was up for some surprises. Let's just say, I was quite happy with the ending.

The book also included the first chapter of book #4. This was so evil as it contains a terribly well written cliff hanger. Unfortunately Crimson Frost won't be published until 2013. This will be a long wait!