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Hallowed  - Cynthia Hand Hallowed picks up right where Unearthly stopped. Clara failed or at least thinks she failed to complete her mission. In addition she now knows that her former boy crush Christian is actually an angel-blood himself. And if this wouldn’t be enough the new school year starts and Clara is having new visions.
We got to know and love Clara in Unearthly and where introduced into the world of the descendants of angels. But there was still a lot left open about the purpose of angel-bloods and the dangers they are in. This finally changes in Hallowed, as we are getting to know more about all these angel-related issues. Clara and her younger brother Jeffrey finally meet more angel-bloods and they are introduced to the whole not-fully-human community. The teenage angel-descendants actually launch a angel-researching group, consisting of the two siblings, Angela and Christian, to train themselves and to get to know even more about all kinds of the angel-related things.
So far so good. Clara is still deeply in love with Tucker. They are happy together and it’s just so heart-warming. At the same time she has an unnatural or better unearthly link to Christian as they can speak to each other in their minds. And Christian faces the same challenges Clara does, and though Tucker is understanding and supportive, he can’t really help Clara with anything related to her unusual inheritance. In addition Clara’s new vision seems to suggest that somebody near her will die pretty soon. She does have a suspicion who it will be and she is very upset about it. But the reality is even more devastating than she thought. I was definitely heartbroken when I realised who it will be although there were indications already before. From this moment on the book becomes pretty sad. And obviously I can’t say who it is without giving the plot away and even more.
Let’s just say, that there were plenty of absolutely unexpected twists and revelations. Somebody will show up in the last third of the book, who I never counted on and this somebody has some major surprised up its sleeves. Holy crap, I was shocked! And the plot, which was pretty much amazing and not predictable at all takes a whole new direction. The story is also very much heartbreaking and at some point I was sobbing heavily. At the same time it’s also beautiful and hopeful, which I guess is the charm of these books.
Clara grows up so much in Hallowed. She faces some serious emotional difficulties. And her inner goodness is just breathtakingly gorgeous and not artificial in any way. I never thought I would say this, but this book contains a love-triangle, which was admirably well done and fit with the whole character development. In plain words: It didn’t suck at all! I also never expected to change my opinion of an character so massively, but I easily got to like and I may even adore Christian after reading Hallowed. Now that his motives are more clearly visible, it also became more obvious why he acted as he did and he can be forgiven. And for sure he earned my adoration with his unbreakable and undemanding support of Clara throughout the whole story.
To my mind the book contains only one minor flaw. Through Jeffrey is important to the plot, we don’t get to know him very well. He is there all the time but it’s more of a stereotype of a younger, rebelling brother than a real characterisations. I just wish he would be more present, and I don’t mean he needs more lines. Otherwise this book is the ideal sequel to Unearthly with an intriguing and captivating plot. Moreover the characters are so loveable that you can’t stop yourself from caring for them.

*** ARC courtesy of Publisher via NetGalley ***