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The Rose Garden - Susanna Kearsley Yeah, a new Susanna Kearsley book. Since I discovered this author 10 years ago, I try to get my hand on all of her books. She is an amazing story teller and I’m always intrigued by the settings of her books. And with her new book, The Rose Garden, she once again didn’t let me down.
The story plays in Cornwall, where I have never been, but I imagine it’s a bit like Brittany. A bit wild, with cliffs and heather, rough people with big hearts. I know that sounds cliche and a bit romantic, too. I can’t help it. This book mirrored all this presumptions but in a soft, warm-hearted, completely cliche-free way.
The main character Eva just lost her only living relative, her sister and tries to find a place in the world she belongs to. So she goes back to the place she used to spend her sommer holidays, 20 years ago. Eva is melancholy, has lost her purpose and has to come back to live. I like her. She has wit and isn’t indulging in self-pity, though she has plenty of reasons. She tries finding her way back to life, by making new friends and helping old friends.
And then the magic of Susanna Kearsley’s books kicks in. It’s not classical paranormal or time travel. It’s more of a modern gothic novel, if this isn’t a paradox itself. Here, Eva starts to travel back in time, to the same house in 1715. She meets a very charismatic, very open-minded man and a beautiful romance starts. But at the same time there is this subconscious thread of sadness. What good can come out of this? In the past there are dangers for Eva and her sweetheart and this additional suspense story is woven perfectly. In the end there are a few twists , which surprised me enormously. The author definitely had a few aces up her sleeves here. And I was very happy with the ending. It’s great finishing a book when it ends with complete and utter closure. A rare case nowadays.
Overall a magical and heart-moving romance which should appeal to everyone loving romances.

*** ARC courtesy of NetGalley ***