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Blood Moon  - Alyxandra Harvey Caution! - slight spoilers about books 1-4 ahead

The Drake Chronicles are one of my favourite series when it comes to urban fantasy with young adult characters. Alyxandra Harvey took the classic vampire genre and put her own spin on it. Book #4, Bleeding Hearts, ended with a huge surprise and I was extremely curious how the story will go on.

Blood Moon has three narrators: Solange, her youngest brother Nicholas and his human girlfriend and Solange's best friend Lucy. I'm so glad that Lucy is back as narrator. She is such an awesome girl; perky, loyal, cheeky, lively and she is a master in giving sarcastic comments. She is just so loveable. I also love the scenes with her and Nicholas. First of all they are my favourite Drake couple and in addition, though these two clearly adore each other, they will still tease each other to no end.

Lucy is now attending the Helios-Ra academy to properly learn how to defend herself and other humans from the evil Hel-Bar. The free-thinking Lucy, who has rarely been restricted in her live, in a strict military academy? No that's not working out immediately. It also doesn't help that Lucy is in general audibly pro-vampire and even has a vampire boyfriend. So plenty of trouble for Lucy to het involved.

I have to say I start to hate Solange. Over the last few books she developed into a more and more selfish and ignorant girl. She is the only vampire whose pheromone can not only influence humans but also other vampires. In addition she is as well still a teenager and wants everything to go her way. But as we know from Stan Lee: "With great power comes great responsibility." and that's something Solange hasn't learned so far and she is really getting on my nerves.

There is so much going on in this book, that it could have been easily double the pages. The story focuses mainly on Solange, Nick and Lucy and we don't see a lot from the other family members. There are plenty of fights against the well-known Hel-Bar. In addition there is a new opponent in the game, who is completely unknown and we don't get to know a lot about the new power throughout the book. But I liked the crazy scientist angle.

The last few chapters took my breath away. Solange's development cumulates in something complete unpredicted. I was shocked and glued to the pages. And as usual the book ends on a terrific cliff-hanger. Alyxandra Harvey is a champion in leaving her readers on edge, waiting for the story to continue. And as I enjoyed the newest addition to the Drake Chronicles immensely, I will pick up the next books Blood Prophecy, which will be published in January 2013, as well.