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Dark Side of the Veil - Stormy Glenn After I read Eresse's Sacred Fate I got interested in reading fiction with the maybe a bit unusual theme of male pregnancy. I did some research on goodreads and found a few more mpreg books. One of them is Dark Side of the Veil. I'm a huge fan of Stormy Glenn. I have read most of her shapeshifter fiction and love her writing style. So I was really exited to start with the Dark Court Series.
The first story centers on the discharged marine Zack, who struggles with a head injury and seems to have illusions. He has one reoccurring dream where he sees the most amazing blue eyes but can't remember ever seeing someone with features like this. When he saves Eljin from a fight he directly stumbles into bigger troubles than he anticipated. The story evolves around their way to stay alive and how Zack gets to know the elve Eljin and his own history.
I liked both of the main characters especially Eljin, who seems to be very caring and sweet. Zack is the usual tough marine with an edge of vulnerability due to his memory loss and growing attraction for a man. The whole idea of a parallel world populated by elves which are connected to "our" world by gates isn't exactly new but Stormy Glenn manages to make original enough to be believable. If you can say this about a fantasy world where men get pregnant. Overall a quite enjoyable read.