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Valkyrie Rising

Valkyrie Rising - Ingrid  Paulson Even after reading countless paranormal, young adult books I still can't get enough of it. Mix in some Norse mythology and I'm in reading heaven!

Valkyrie Rising is a not overly complicated book and I enjoyed the easy flow of the story. Ellie is only 16 years old and is growing up in the shadow of her protective 2-year-older brother, who is gorgeous and popular and successful. You get the picture! She is going to visit her Norwegian grandmother over the summer break and that's when the weirdness begins. Village people would cuss her and avoid her in general. Her grandmother seems to know more but isn't saying anything. That's actually one of the slightly annoying things about this book. Ellie and the reader are kept in the dark for a very long time and at some point I just wanted to know what is going on!

Ellie is a very positive and generous girl, who is also a good sport. I loved the dialogues between her and her brother and his best friend, Tuck. So amusing indeed that I chuckled plenty of times. In general I was positively surprised that there was no love triangle. Even better, Ellie's love interest is a boy she already knows since ... ever. There is an actual story behind their mutual attraction, which make it more attractive to me.

I also liked that Ingrid Paulson didn't forget that 16-year old girls are not grown up, yet. Ellie makes mistakes, learns from them and starts to become more independent and to stand up for herself and her interests. And this is not happening suddenly, it's gradually throughout the book and it's not easy for her either. I really liked this.

The story is very suspense rich and engaging. The Norse mythology is introduced little by little and through I knew already a few bits and pieces I was neither bored nor left behind. There is plenty of fighting going on. If you like some kick-ass women or girls you are absolutely right with this book. Everything is wrapped up nicely in the end (after an epic battle) with an intriguing spoiler about future adventures. All together an enjoyable read!