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Lady Isabella's Scandalous Marriage (Highland Pleasures, #2)

Lady Isabella's Scandalous Marriage (Highland Pleasures, #2) - Jennifer Ashley Jennifer Ashley continues to write unusual historic romances. Normally a book ends with a declaration of love or a wedding. In this case we start six years into the marriage and three years after the separation. Which brings up a lot of questions: Why are they separated? Why did they get married? Do they still love each other? Will there be a happy end?
I don't want to take away too much but all of these questions will be answered. It's a nice change to show in a historic romance book that love isn't the solution to all problems. Isabella and Mac have to make it work. Both main characters are as lovely as they can be. Mac, the formerly decadent artist, which is now fighting for his marriage with wit, humor and sensitivity. And Isabella has to start trusting again, after many disappointments. I enjoyed this book massively.