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Destiny's Fire (Kythan Guardians, #1)

Destiny's Fire (Kythan Guardians, #1) - Trisha Wolfe The first thing which comes into my mind after reading this book, is surprise. I’m still schocked how massively I enjoyed this story with its diverse and lively characters. Right from the beginning the story drew me in and didn’t let me loose until the last sentence.

I love the world Destiny’s Fire is set in. It’s the perfect steampunk. There are all these fascinating maschines and I like to read how this world is functioning. So fascinating. As fascinating as the mythologic background of the story line. Or do you know or read a lot about egyptian mythology? I don’t and greek/roman/irish mythology (which I do love) is now in every other paranormal book, so I appreciate this difference.

Let me say something about the main characters. It’s no secret that I adore kick-ass heroine with a mind of their own, who take matters in their hands. And Dez (short for Destiny) fit’s this category wholeheartedly. She is strong-minded, compassionate, fun and harbours a possibly very dangerous secret. A secret she can’t share even with her best friends, Jace, Nick and Lana. They are triplets, how cool is this? I admit in the beginning the name Jace felt weird to me as the name is almost inevitable linked to Jace Wayland (Mortal Instruments). But then these utterly original characters convinced me to overcome my prejudice and to enjoy the story. Daz’s best friend, Lana is a quirky, lively and adorable girl with an unique vitality. She is a bright little star of her own. The friendship between Daz and Lana is great to sea/read. They are loyal to each other, even when Lana suddenly stands between front-lines. So I was happy that she has a small but enthralling little (love) story going on for herself, that gives her more of a profile and adds to the overall story.

And what a story it is. The book isn’t very long, but you can hardly imagine how packed it is with action and how well it is developed. The pace and the tension are high and will keep you on edge. There is a love-triangle. But don’t worry it’s a good one. I actually was and still am undecided which team I should give my vote. The other/new guy, Reece, is obviously forbidden but unrestisable. And I like Reece. He is cool, passionate, almost steamy and he cares deeply for Daz. On the other side Jace is beautiful, a loyal friend and admirer. So that’s a tough decision I’m not so sure that all cards are open already.

Coming back to Daz’s secret. As it turns out it’s essential to the whole story line and I liked how more and more facts were revealed. The tension always stays high without dragging on. Also, there were quite a few twists, which usually happened just as I thought that I finally figured out who is standing where. But nope, I was more often than not wrong. The only minor criticism is that Nick came a bit short in character development, otherwise this steampunk, parnormal novel is a full success.

Though the ending offers closure to most open questions I want more. More Daz, more of the boys and more of this fascinating world. Luckily Trisha Wolfe already confirmed that there will be a sequel!