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Pivot Point (Pivot Point, #1)

Pivot Point (Pivot Point, #1) - Kasie West Pivot Point is one of the first big surprises of this year. Though I was kind of eager to read the book I didn’t anticipate this fast-paced and compelling story with well-described characters.

Pivot Point is essentially a contemporary novel with both paranormal and science fiction elements. The main character Addie is part of a human minority who evolved the brain functions further. Addie is a so-called Searcher, she can see her own feature and how her decision influence this future. Her friends and family have equally intriguing abilities such as telekinesis or strong persuasive powers. In addition they are living in a secret Compound separated from the normal world and harbors advanced technologies and knowledge. So far the science-fiction part, as most of the book deals with ever-day problems as parents divorcing and who will I go with to the prom.

Addie as the main characters has to decide if she wants to stay with her mother in their secret world or move with her father to the outside and pretend to be normal. And what would be better than searching your future to determine which is the superior future. And that’s the main angle of the story which is told alternating from both parallel futures. Simple idea, great story line!

The book is very amusing as Addie has to adjust to “normal” life in one of the possible futures. She has to learn for example how to use a microwave or the light switch. She gets stuck in rooms as she can’t deal with locks and so on. It’s entertaining. I also found the fact that her father is a human lie-detector quite hilarious. What teen doesn’t want to be honest with its parents all the time? Addie was relatable and loveable. Another bonus point is the relationship between her and her best friend Leila. They have a lot of fun together. And appreciated how the had each others back and would support each other in whatever weird/dangerous situation.

The story is packed with events, without being all over the place. It’s a quick pace which feels natural. In her two possible futures Addie faces romances, new friendships and a multiple murder case. What I loved most about this book is that none of these things feels forced or artificial. I also liked the parallel timing of the two story lines. It was easy to follow both tales without being confused and it was so intriguing to see one thing playing out in one of the futures and what it would mean for the other future.

There is a lot of: OMG! Really? going on in this book. I was racing though the pages and was almost disappointed when the book finished. Although the ending is phenomenal. It sneaks up on you and suddenly so many things are happening and resolved that I was still shocked, as I thought I had everything already figured out. This book definitely had me on my tippy-toes.

Pivot Point is an impressive debut book who seemingly effortless merges a contemporary young adult story line with exciting sci-fi environments. The what-happens-if -I-do-this question offers infinite possibilities and Kasie West manages to deliver a unique story. And the ending, though pretty closed, still leaves an interesting opening for the sequel.