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Pride & Passion - Charlotte Featherstone Pride and Passion was enjoyable historical romance with a very strong hero and an enthralling plot. I didn’t read the first book in this series and though I could easily follow the story I did miss the prelude to this book as both main characters were interacting with each other before. Lady Lucy Ashton is in love with a man who most likely died 8 months ago. She gave this secret lover her innocence and is still waiting for him to come back. At the same time she is supposed to get married to Lord Sussex, whom doesn’t fit her ideal of a husband.

This was one of the few heroine I couldn’t warm up to. Lucy did have noble ideals. She wanted to be loved and wasn’t overly eager to make a convenient marriage. On the other side she behaved very immature. Her secret lover didn’t treat her very well but she still holds him in high praise and can’t see Lord Sussex in an unbiased way. She judged him based on few facts and is unwilling to change her mind. At some points I wanted to shake her and tell her: Open your eyes!

Adrian Sussex on the other hand was very intriguing and I absolutely adore him. He is noble, warm-hearted, dutiful and deeply in love with Lucy and does everything to keep her from harm. As a typical Regency man he behaves very proper but innerly he is full of passion and cares deeply for his friends and family.

The plot is entertaining and I was really glad that we get to know who the villain is in the end. Nothing worse than to over stretch the tension. In addition there are a few twist in the story line I didn’t expect at all. And there is a mayor secret revealed which was a massive surprise to me. That was very well done.

Overall I enjoyed reading this book, there is decent character development, the dialogues are amusing and the plot is full of tension and surprises. I also will pick up the next book and the first one, which I haven’t read yet.

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