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Muffled Drum - Erastes I got this book for review from NetGalley.
This book is about the two lovers Rudolph and Matthias, who are both serving in the prussian army. After 1 1/2 years together they want to run away. After the next battle both are planning to resign and to leave the country. Unfortunately Rudolph is suffering a head wound and can't remember Matthias who already left the army and isn't welcome anymore. SO they both travel together to Dresden and later Berlin. Rudolph's memory ends 2 years ago, when he was heavily infatuated with another guy. And though he realises that he is attracted to Matthias he wants to stay faithful. Matthias isn't sure what to do, fighting or running away from the situation.
That;s kind of a classic story. Two lovers, one of them suddenly loses memory and now there is the question: Will the love be stronger? It's an interesting setting for a GLBT story. Most historical stories are set in regency England, so it was a welcome change to read here about Prussia. Though is was a bit annoying that title and names switch between german an english. I couldn't really get into both main characters. Rudolph is obviously from a good family and well situated. It was irritating that nobody told him what happened in the two years he can't remember. He was just stumbling around repeating mistakes and everyone let him do it. Massively annoying. On the other hand Matthias is super passive. He is suffering silently and doesn't do anything actively to get Rudolph back. This results in him leaving Rudolph. What help is this? And I know it's quite a dilemma for him, should he tell Rudolph or not, I didn't appreciate his approach. And the ending was very suddenly.
Overall not a bad book. But also not my favorite GLBT romance. I just couldn't fully connect to the characters.