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In the Wings - Michael St. Anthony This is the first book I got via NetGalley for a review. I like books from Dreamspinner Press and thought I'm starting with one of their publications. This is a debut novel from Michael St. Anthony.
This book focuses on Adrian who works as pastry chef the nightshift for a small catering business. When his company is catering for a big event in Manhattan he meets the young and charismatic composer Thomas. They fell in love and Adrian is hopeful for the future when he is also offered a new, better job. But then their happiness is endangered by letters focusing on Adrian's past. Now Adrian has to decide if Thomas is worth a fight.
The beginning of the books centers mainly around Adrian. What he is doing, how he is feeling. We know he has a crush on Thomas and hopes that more comes out of it. In addition he is quite stress at work, having to train a new helper. First the story seemed to be quite smooth but soon I had problem following sudden changes in flow and topic. The story development wasn't straight and for most of the time I was wondering what the author intended to tell me. Adrian had everything to be my hero, but I couldn't stand him. His seemed irrational to me and when it was revealed what his dark past was about, I actually was shocked and disgusted. On the other hand Thomas was a likeable character. The overall plot was weird and unconvincing. Unfortunately this books was a disappointment to me.