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Every Other Day - Jennifer Lynn Barnes This books starts with a bang! Already the first page sets the scene perfectly and the tension and action won’t decrease through out the book.

I like how the title already picks up the theme for the book. And the cover too. Originally I was wondering about this bloody sandglass, but as soon as you start reading you realise just how appropriate this image is. I hope you are not overly squeaky about blood because there is a lot in this story.

Kali is not your usual teenage girl. She has a dark, predatory side and though she doesn’t understand or know why she is like she is, she embraces it fully. Kali sometimes almost scares me. She is very determined. She has a kind heart but is at the same time she is also quite ruthless. In a way she sees the world in black and white; good and evil and after coming to a conclusion she just goes through with her mission.

The whole story centres around Kali but there are a few interesting supporting characters, who add to the overall story. Kali is mainly an absolute loner, not only because she just changed schools, but she is also not interested in anybody, as she has to hide her dark secret. Bethany is the girl she decides to help. She is a very popular, pretty cheerleader and when Kali saves her, she kind of feels obliged to help Kali in return. I loved the bitchy and sarcastic dialogues between these two. So hilarious. And then there is the supposedly psychic girl Skylar, who completely ignores Kali’s rough and unfriendly behaviour and nevertheless integrates her into her group of outsiders. She is a close second when it comes to ironic and funny comments. She also has some fascinating aces up her sleeves. Be surprised!

The plot was fast-paced and full of unexpected twists. There is a lot of genetics and biology, which I love as a science geek. It’s very obvious that the author is a scientist herself and I love how she integrates her knowledge into the story. The story line was overall very fascinating and I would have never ever predicted the outcome. And I have to point out that this is for once no romance story. This is positively remarkable as most YA stories centre on some romantic relationship. Every Other Day is Kali’s story. Sometimes bloody, sometimes emotional, occasional funny, but always captivating. At the moment this book is a standalone publication but for once I wish there would be another book coming. I really wouldn’t mind reading more about Kali.

* review copy courtesy of publisher via NetGalley *