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A Long, Long Sleep - Anna Sheehan I won an ARC of this book on Goodreads. This is one of few times I really wanted to have the book and luckily I got it. I'm sure it also helped that the giveaway was only open for 5 days and only in the UK. So it was me against 250 people :)
In a long, long sleep we read the story of 15 year old Rosalinda, Rose, which slept for 62 years in a stasis tube and is accidentally awaken bei Bren. As it turns out Rose is the heir to an huge intergalactic company. Everyone she knew is dead and Rose, still sick with stasis fatigue, has to start a new life in a strange world. Except for Bren she doesn't know anyone and none of the other students wants to get to know her. When her life threatened by a unknown killer Rose has to decide if she wants to fight or give up.

I read some very mixed reviews before I started the book. I definitely wanted to give the story a fair chance. And I wasn't disappointed. An amazing story.
The story starts with Rose, which is sleeping since 62 years and is wakend up by Bren. After hearing her name Bren freaks out and Rose faints. In the hospital we get to lern that Rose is the lone heiress to an huge company and know one knew that she is still alive. It is quite a shock for Rose to learn that instead of sleeping for a short time she was gone for sic decades. She realises that everyone she knew is dead. Understandably she is sad and withdrawn. The CEO of her company takes responsibility for her and sets her up with foster parents. At this part of the story it became obvious that Rose is very passive and shows little interest in her future. Whatever someone else decides is fine with her, even if she internally disagrees. She never expresses any desires or preferences. I really wanted to kick her butt. How can you not ask about anything? She starts going to school and her schedule is arranged by the CEO without any concern about her abilities. She only knows Bren, who introduces her to his circle of friends. And though her position is above all of them she feels inadequate and hardly says a word. She doesn't have any self-esteem and after a while this really bothered me. But then bit by bit we get to know more about her old life and her only friend and later boyfriend Xavier. She does miss her parents but what really makes her miserable is the loss of Xavier, who always supported her.
Rose is a talented painter. She also uses her paintings and drawings to sort her thoughts and feelings. But as always she doesn't think she is talented and doesn't mention her hobby to anyone. Then she makes an unexpected friend and starts to open up. She realises that she is worth something and starts to questioning her past. As it turns out Rose has plenty of character but is afraid of opposing anybody.
The more you read the more obvious it becomes that Rose is the victim of abuse. I think half of the time I read this book tears were running down my cheeks. This book is massively sad but at the same time hopeful as Rose overcomes her fears.
This books starts with the classical fairy tale beginning of a kiss. But it's neither fairy tale nor dystopia. There is a bit of science-fiction as the world is set int he future and there is plenty of fancy technology but nothing is well explained. We don't know a lot about regimes or other planets...
There is some romance going on but it isn't the main focus of the storyline. There are a few surprising events which kept me on the hook. Especially the end is captivating and very fast paced in contrast to the slow pace before.
The only thing which annoyed me occasionally was the language. I know that the book is set in the future. But nevertheless I should be able to understand what the characters are saying.
Overall a very, very good book. I read it through during one evening. But don't start it when you feel depressed or sad because there is a 100% crying guaranty